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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free Content Overload - What's Coming

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As a committed Global Futurist, economist, trend-watcher and student of behavioral psychology, I can't help but get an olfactory tingle when supply of some commodity begins to far outrun demand. It invariably means that the supply will have to be reduced (not likely, as much of this is just simple citizen journalism), or the chaff will have to be differentiated from the wheat.

I would predict that within these next three to five years, a great deal of "free" content will see its audience dwindling (and its writers dealing in soliloquy), while a small number of exceptionally gifted writers with interesting content, interesting commentary, and each having a unique writing style will become very widely-read and better paid for their art.

There's a difference between 'free' and 'priceless'. It will be the ultimate dividing line in the field of writing.

Douglas E. Castle


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